Saturday, May 11, 2013

Headband With Leather Looks – Patented Style

Looking to create a classic retro style? Here are headbands that provide a subtle classic look with their leathery touch. Available in a number of colors these are simply beautiful to look at. L. Erickson is a well established name in the headband segment for women and the product has all the comfort and quality features that are hallmarks for a reputed company. Colors suit a number of wardrobe options and if you have something that is not so vibrant looking, these headbands for women will surely add that much needed spark.

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Features of leather look headband
  • This is an imported product from L.Ercikson
  • A number of color options to choose from
  • Outer edge has been sewn for a classy finished look
  • Width of the headband – 1.5 inches

A lot of retro feel comes when you are wearing these fashion headbands. In a sense these are fun creating elements and every time you are wearing there is an innate joy that carries along. That is of course, from a psychological point of view, but the headband itself creates a powerful fashion statement. Inner side is highly comfortable so that you can easily wear the headband for long periods.

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